We would like to acknowledge the following people for volunteering their time and effort in creating this anthology:
Lawson Inada for inspiring us.
Byron Wong, former president of the Thymos organization, for bringing people together to initiate this project.
Members of the Thymos organization, including Victor Lam, Hoang Nguyen, Jenny Lee, Monica Sack, David Kong, Liani Reeves, Bao-loc Nguyen, and Curtis Choy.
Doug Katagiri for designing the anthology cover and interior pages.
Patti Sakurai, Patti Duncan, Lawson Inada, and Ed Lin for facilitating the writing workshops.
Sunny Woan from Kartika Review, James Chan from the Alpha Asian blog, and Michelle Ing of Crowell-Ing for their guidance on the publishing process.
Frank Chin and Curtis Choy, who were our guests for the original event that inspired this work.
Our Gold Sponsors for the event with Lawson Inada: Crowell-Ing, Oregon Heath and Science University, Diverse and Empowered Employees of Portland, Janet and John Jay, the Oregon Commission on Asian Affairs, the Korean American Citizens League, and the Center for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs.
The Red and Black Café, Aaron Adams and Dinae Horne of Portobello Vegan Trattoria, and Jeremy Adams and Andrea Pastor of Cellar Door Coffee Roasters for their generous contributions to our events and fundraisers.
Everyone who helped coordinate, donated to, participated in and publicized the writing workshops and all other events associated with this anthology.
All the authors who submitted their writing to us for consideration. We appreciate everyone who let us read their work. Thanks in particular to the authors who gave us their generous permission to include their pieces in our anthology. Our project would not have been possible without them.

Book Launch Photos

Inada at Book Launch



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