… a thousand words

Contributed by special guest artist, Ellie Kwak

A celebration of uniqueness in a town full of jejune.

Rainbow Hair Photoshop 18” x 24”

Rainbow Hair
Photoshop 18” x 24”











IMG_5802Artist bio: Ellie is in the sixth grade and likes to read books, even at midnight. Her hobbies include sampling new foods, four square (the recess game), playing devil’s advocate, and thinking up dilemmas. She dreams of peace, fun, a stressless life, and rainbow hair.






Call for Submissions


* Tell YOUR STORY in your own words (or pictures)!

* Communicate Asian American perspectives that challenge or transcend mainstream stereotypes.

* Or simply relate something uniquely personal as an Asian American.

Email your Asian American-related essay (500-1000 words, more or less) and short bio to info@asianamericanwriting.com